Newcastle Upon Tyne, England - Surf & Silver Sea Glass Jewellery

by Emma Harbottle
(Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)

Sand and Silver Jewelry England
Surf & Silver Sea Glass Jewellery - Handmade sea glass jewellery
by Emma Harbottle

Based in the North East of England.  My home/business address is 15 Tyndal, Gardens, Dunston, Tyne & Wear, NE11 9EU, ENGLAND

Sand and Silver Jewelry England
Sea Glass Rainbow Bracelet

I am a sea glass jewellery designer, speciallising in sterling silver wire work, thus the name Surf & Silver. 

I have been in business for over 2 years and I am a completely self taught jeweller. 

I live half an hour away from the world famous sea glass beach, Seaham, and I regulary travel down to the beach about once or twice a week to collect my glass. 

ALL of the sea glass used in my designs has been found by me and my family and we do not buy any online (why would we when we live so close to the best beach).

Sand and Silver Jewelry England
Multi coloured End of Day Sea Glass Pendant

I offer special custom orders through my Facebook page and as such have worked with other peoples sea glass and even a piece of amber that someone had found on the beach which I polished up and made into a pendant for her. 

I really love custom orders as its a change from the ordinary designs that I do.


Sand and Silver Jewelry EnglandMe and my two
youngest daughters Emily and Elise

I am ADDICTED to sea glass hunting and if I don't get to the beach at least once a week I get all cranky :) 

Me and my husband have four lovely daughters and this really is the perfect hobby to have when you have youngsters as it involves them and gets them out into the open air to explore and have fun at our local beaches. 


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As I work from home I am available most hours of the day, each and every day of the week and you can nearly always find me on Facebook checking up on my business page.  I'm always there to answer any questions or queries or give any advice that I can on the subject.

You can find my Facebook page at:

Or my Folksy shop at :

and you can contact me via my email address which is

Thanks and best wishes,

Emma Harbottle
15 Tyndal Gardens
Dunston, Tyne & Wear, NE11 9EU

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