Not where it should be, but as if it were.... - August 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Eda Strauch
(Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona Spain Beach and Sea Glass

Barcelona Spain Beach and Sea Glass

~ by Eda Strauch - Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

This photo was taken in Vilassar de Mar, a little town by the Mediterranean Sea in Barcelona, Spain.

It was taken on a August 12, 2011 around midday,  it was sunny and there was not even one cloud in the sky.

This photo is really important to me.  I lost my best friend on July 31 and it's been quite difficult for me to accept it. We had always talked that we would grow older together no matter what, but unfortunately he couldn't keep his promise.

This day I went for a walk on the beach and suddenly I saw it, a blue sea glass on the sand, not even near the sea...

Blue was his favorite color and he knew I loved to collect sea glasses and shells, so I'm sure it was the way he found to tell me he's always going to be by my side, even if I can't see him.

From that beautiful blue sky he sent  me this beautiful blue pebble.

He's not where he should be, but it is as if he were. The pebble wasn't where the focus was, but it is  as if it were. A blue sea glass is not common in this part of the coast, but there it was...

In memory of Brian.

I used my iPhone to take this photo.

More important than the equipment is the person behind it.

Let your emotions and feeling guide you when taking a shot.

Even if other people don't think your photo is good, you will know it's the best you could have got at that particular time.

~ by Eda Strauch

Map of Barcelona, Spain beach area:

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Apr 04, 2014
just beautiful
by: marie

your friend was definitely walking the beach with you that day.. nice find

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