Oregon Beaches?

by Sarah
(North Carolina, USA)

Oregon Sea Glass Beaches? Please Help!

Oregon Sea Glass Beaches? Please Help!

~ sea glass question submitted by Sarah in North Carolina, USA

Where am I most likely to find sea glass in Oregon?

Hi Sarah,

That's a good question!

Some of the beaches mentioned below in the commments are worth checking out, such as Lincoln City, Brookings, and Haystack Rock area.

For all our viewers, please add any beaches you know of in the comment area below.

Thanks so much in advance,

Sea Glass
David and Lin 

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Comments for Oregon Beaches?

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Oct 08, 2015
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Jun 27, 2013 - a lot of sea glass
by: Anonymous

Tillamook Bay in Garibaldi on both sides of the pier.

I was down looking for sea glass today at low tide and found half a plastic grocery bag full with my son in less than on hour.

Green brown pink blue yellow red and some lucky person even found an arrowhead.

Note from editor:

Tillamook Bay, Oregon, is quite protected from waves and likely doesn't produce much well-tumbled sea glass.

However, we would love to see some photos to be able to know what the glass shards look like.


Jun 01, 2010 - Best place for sea glass
by: Anonymous

I bring home handfuls daily (during this time of year) in Brookings.

May 21, 2010 - Oregon Beaches for Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

I have found a lot of pieces in Lincoln City, Oregon, and also at Cannon Beach near Haystack Rock.

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