by Becky Ratto
(Santa Cruz,ca)

Pleasure Point near RockView (Santa Cruz, CA)

Pleasure Point near RockView (Santa Cruz, CA)

Name of the Beach: Rockview Beach, close to Pleasure Point

City nearest to that beach: Between Santa Cruz and Capitola, California

Rating was GOOD

There is a little cutout in the rock that makes a small beach and there was tons in there and has been every time I go back.

You just have to check the tide and make sure it is low.

I don't know about what grade it was cause I don't make jewelry but it was some nice pieces ...


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Sea Glass Santa Cruz California CA
Sea Glass - Santa Cruz - Beaches and Memories
Name of Beach and Comments: Santa Cruz, California The Main Beach Cowell's Beach Right by Seabright Beach How would you rate this beach for sea glass?

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