Rocky Neck, Gloucester, Massachusetts - Beach Glass

by Sarah Jane Swart
(Gloucester, MA)

Massachusetts Beach Glass

Massachusetts Beach Glass

Only collected for 20 minutes this morning. Found many pieces with questionable appeal, and a few that I liked. Apologies for the paper towel; they're drying!

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Jul 21, 2018
Thanks for he Heads Up!
by: Patty

Awesome find! Thanks for posting will be going at low tide tomorrow!

Jun 12, 2014
Rocky Neck- Rocky Tides!
by: Katie O

Spent the afternoon in Gloucester, going from beach to beach. At high tide, you couldn't even get onto the beach, so we left for lunch, and then went back.

Although there's a great variety of colors of sea glass at Rocky Neck, half of the shards are too sharp to take. (Unless you're like me and are so excited about the new colors that you take a few anyway!)

This beach is very small, half of it is 'Private' and there seems to always be this lady there yelling at you to "Get off" her beach.

On my way off this section of the beach, I stopped to pick up a few more pieces, which angered her even more!

We don't have any "Private Beaches" in New Hampshire!

~Found 50+

Apr 23, 2010
Rocky Neck Finds
by: Anonymous

Typically over the past 4-5 years the amount has been getting smaller -- lots of collectors around here all of a sudden.

But you can almost always find at least 20 pieces, some days as many as 80 or more.

Apr 16, 2010
Massachusetts beach glass
by: Anonymous

Have you found some more since this post? I was wondering if there is always that much or was that a fluke?

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