Sea Glass at Swanage Dorset Uk

by Andrew Collinson
(Swanage Dorset UK)

Found at Swanage Dorset UK

Found at Swanage Dorset UK

I found these pieces whilst walking on the beach at Swanage which is a town on the south coast of England in the county of Dorset.

The town has a lot of bars,and a lot of pleasure boats depart from here so a few bottles get tossed in the sea I expect.


David (editor)

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Comments for Sea Glass at Swanage Dorset Uk

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Sea Glass Uk
by: Anonymous

This site is useless / one report of small quantity of sea glass and the location is recommended. All beaches have sea glass if you look hard enough admittedly it is usually common or garden green or white. I throw back as is crap when looking for attractive shells or stones.


Hi Anonymous,

We can appreciate your disappointment. However, this beach was not recommended for sea glass. The photos and reports are to let visitors know what to expect when visiting a beach. A report such as this one will let you know that you are not going to expect much when you get there... so better think about a different beach when making plans :)

Again, these beach reports are to let folks know what to expect, they are not recommendations. Without a report, one does not know if a beach has good glass or not. With a report, one does have at least some information before making a decision.

We hope that this does help when making plans to look for sea glass - what beach is likely to meet your expectations.

~ David and Lin at

Sea Glass at Swanage
by: Anonymous

What unusual square shapes of sea glass. And an interesting texture to the rocks. Visually pleasing!

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