Do you want to find sea glass pieces?

Looking for sea glass for many is more than a hobby...

Sea Glass Pieces

My wife, Lin, started picking up sea glass pieces many years ago, just as many of you did, without knowing much about sea or beach glass.

Back in those days, with no internet, there was not much contact among sea glass fanatics; in fact it came as a suprise to Lin (as well as many of you readers, I'm sure) that other people were fascinated by the sea glass shards and bits that were lying on the sand and among the rocks on the shoreline.

Now, with the popularity of the internet, communication has really opened up.

Along with those who first started picking up sea glass a long time ago, people new to the "sport" can Google a few words and find many comments and articles on the fascinating subject of sea glass and beach glass.

I have to admit, awhile back I was somewhat skeptical of her little "idiosyncracy." "Isn't it just trash?" I would ask. 

Of course this would hurt her feelings a little bit and she would reply, "Well, I like it!"

Does that sound familiar?

However, being of the male gender, I started to take things seriously only when I began to see that finding, grading, and making things with sea glass was a serious and accepted hobby.

So, I gradually began to join her in finding those sea glass pieces and now am almost as eager as Lin to hit the beach to find those tumbled glass shards.

Sea glass grayish piece on beach

The reason I say, " "Almost as eager," is because she ALWAYS finds more than I do, including the more exotic pieces.

Well, maybe it's because I am enjoying the scenery more?

Or perhaps my mind runs in more the philosophical rather than petty details direction?

Might it be that I am mentally solving the great problems of the world?

I don't know, but I find these types of thoughts consoling as Lin says, "Oh! Look at this one!"

Well, I'm not bitter. She has learned to say, "Look at what data-custom-mark="true"we found today!" She is a smart wife.

Large piece of teal beach glass

The Best Time to Find Sea Glass Pieces

Sea Glass PiecesHuanchaco, Peru Sea Glass

The best time and tide to find sea glass is not high tide or low tide.

The best time is...when you just need to get away from the daily stresses of life and hit the beach.

Yes, it's true that high tide leaves little or no beach in some places, so you do have to take that little point into consideration if your beach is affected that way.

But in between tides there is always sea glass to be found.

The Best Kind of Sea Glass

The best kind of sea glass to find is the sea glass you find.

What does that mean?

The enjoyment that comes from walking on the beach, either alone or in the company of a good companion, and then also finding little treasures is what counts.

It doesn't really matter what the color, shape, or grade of those sea glass pieces is when it comes to the fun of the hunt.

It is true, of course, that as a collector you do get excited over the more exotic pieces, but hey!

Every day's a new day.

I think it's a lot like fishing off the rocks that I used to do on the Big Island of Hawaii.

You might go to the same spot many times and catch the usual mempachi or other small fish...they are good eating...but the chance for a BIG one is always there! And you do get the big one sooner or later.

The Best Sea Glass Beach

The best sea glass beach is not the world famous glass beach that you have always wanted to go to but have never had the chance.

The best beach for sea glass pieces is your beach. The one you can get to. The beach that is not a dream.

Before I end this short odyssey on sea glass pieces, I will add that we hope you...

Have fun, happy hunting, and keep on keepin' on!

What have other sea glass enthusiasts found recently? What questions are being asked? Where can you upload a photo of your little treasures? 

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