Shipwreck Beach, Honshu, Japan

by George
(Honshu, Japan)

Just a small part of many treasures at this beach

Just a small part of many treasures at this beach

Shipwreck Beach west coast, Mutsu Bay, Shimokita Peninsula Honshu Island, Japan (main island)

Submitted Sun Dec 11 2016

Where to start THERE IS SOOOOOO much glass!

I collected 20+ pounds in 4 days! colors range from Clear to Red, I found Corn Flower, Cobalt, Amber, Red, Greens, Blue, Browns, along with pottery, tiles, a builders level (complete with Kanji) fishing lures, etc.

One spot I found 194 pieces in 20 min. The glass mostly comes from broken floats :-(

You can also find Glass floats!

The shipwrecks were burnt by the Local Govt. Don't know why. There is also Wild horse beach at the upper right point of the Shimokita Peninsula. down the road from the light house. Where I have found Glass floats. 8 total in 3 trips Small to Med in size.

Hit me up in comments, I can help you get find rooms and where to fly in, also this is your chance to ride the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Tokyo, to Aomori prefecture. Although costly About $300 round trip. I will be here until mid 2018.



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Jan 20, 2018
Assistance getting to Shipwreck Beach
by: Laura

Hi George,

Yes, I am interested in visiting Shipwreck Beach.

I live in Rhode Island, USA, but will be traveling to Australia in early April for about 2 weeks and could make a pitstop for a few days.

Any suggestions about where to stay, etc... If you are willing to assist, please let me know.



Apr 14, 2017
From our Facebook page April 2017:
by: David and Lin - OdysseySeaGlass

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