Sometimes Things DO Come Back Around

by RozAnn
(Salisbury Beach, MA, USA)

Recently on the off-chance, I met a young woman who had lost her child. It was a terrible accident and the child was only 6 months old.

Her eyes brimmed as she told me what had happened.

I felt so sorry and I had a good chunk of pink seaglass which I gave to her as a token of a spiritual help.

I told her when she felt bad, to hold it and think of me and I would be there to help.

She was going off to California as her Grandfather had passed..I may see her, I may not ever again, in fact, I did not know was the off chance that we spoke on the beach.

Today, when I walked up to the shore, I saw there a beautiful even bigger and pinker piece of sea glass, which is rare to find.
I was suprised.
I felt my sea glass came back to me.

Have you had anything come around to you once again or in a good way?

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May 02, 2011
Hi Sue!
by: RozAnn

Don't know why I have missed your sweet comments. Thanks ever for doing so and yes, me too, it was a very spiritual kind of happening for me..I felt it too. I try very hard never to pass a person by if I can at all help them Sue. Blessings and happy sea hunting friend. I hope to read your stories and writings too..:)

Apr 21, 2011
coming around again
by: sue

That was a very touching story. It made me cry.
What a very thoughtful and generous person you are to help ease someone else's pain.
Someone was watching out for you when you found another piece of pink.

Apr 19, 2011
Coming around again
by: Sue

That was a lovely story and sweet thing you did for that person. I'm sure she will treasure that sea glass that you gave her. I think God's angels planted that even bigger and more beautiful pink piece just for you to find.

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