South Beach Port Washington, WI

by Anissa

It's a very rocky beach. I'm sure it brings in something absolutely lovely every now and then, but it's mostly tiny white, green, and brown pieces. It requires a lot of digging to find much.

Two weeks ago, I found a thick, small, triangular piece of pottery and a fossil from an extinct species of coral. Also tons of quartz there, if you're into that.

Today, I found a white piece of ceramic, seeming to be the lip of a jar. I found something really odd. I found a piece of clear vase filler, it was frosted. Get this, two weeks ago I also found a piece of clear vase filler, it wasn't frosted. I find this extremely odd. Not only to find one, but two.

My dad also found something incredible closer to the mound of dirt. My dad found an animal-skinning tool (a broken one) that was used by Native Americans. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, you don't exactly find spectacular sea glass there, but it's better than nothing. But if you're into other surprises, this beach might be for you. They're not easy to find, just be warned. If you want to find anything, you have to stay there almost all day and just dig in the rocks. It is a bit uncomfortable to walk on the rocks as they're always sliding. I got a cramp in my back after walking on unstable rock for so long.

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