The Surf

by by Lois Cameron Schneider
(Warm Beach)

The Surf

The Surf

The Surf

How sweet to ear and eye
And nose
The surf.

It strains itself on grainy sand
Then chatters as it goes
In mirth
And disappears beneath
A breaker.

Curl and crash! It spreads
Its gifts
Tasty bits of nutrients
To creatures down below
Who live below the sand
Who polka-dot the beach
With holes.

The mist assails my nose
Distilling salt and smell
Of sea and sand.

Lulled, I wait for the next
Entranced I stand on the edge
Of the Earth.

Me, and the Surf.

By Lois Cameron Schneider 1920 to present

Loving mother of David Schneider, editor, Odyssey Sea Glass

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