Unique Finds - December 2017 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Lorie A. Buchanan
(Huntington Beach, California, USA)

Unique Finds - Unusual Pieces with hidden history!

Unique Finds - Unusual Pieces with hidden history!

Sidney, BC

Photo was taken at my friends home in Sidney, BC after a few hours of collecting. 

Weather and time of day?

 March 2017, mid afternoon at low tide on a beautiful sunny day!

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?

I'm looking at a small part of history. Who's history? Who knows, just fun and exciting to find such unusual pieces in one place! Look at the bottle top and bottom! Look at the chicken wire in the glass, look at the two pieces of glass melded together with time? How can you not get excited even if they aren't the "most beautiful" pieces.

Taken with ust my Iphone 6 Plus.

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