When to keep the "secret"

by Suzanne

When to keep the

When to keep the "secret" of your sea glass spot?

~ sea glass comment submitted by Suzanne in Washington State, USA

My father was a successful fisherman back before technology did the job.  He never shared where the fishing was good - his living depended on it. 

I think it's alright to share the names of beaches that are commonly known to have seaglass.  This benefits us all. 

For example, when traveling, I like to look for seaglass.  If I had a general idea where to go, it would be helpful.  I would only be there for a short period of time and would respect your beach. 

I have a favorite place to go for sea glass here in Washington State (USA). 

I have no problem sharing the location, as it's not a major tourist destination and there is plenty for all.  It's out of the way, I can't see thousands flocking to my beach. 

I would also be comfortable sharing the name of a town without giving specifics. 

We all "hunt" for similar reasons, why not be amicable? 

I wouldn't share my small "secret" spots as they are special to me...as I assume others wouldn't share theirs.

~ sea glass comment submitted by Suzanne in Washington State, USA

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