Where Can I Sell My Sea Glass?

by Shelley Vincent

Where Can I Sell My Beach Glass?

Where Can I Sell My Beach Glass?

Where Can I Sell My Sea or Beach Glass?

"Please advise how I should go about this. Thank you" by Shelley Vincent 

"I have a large amount of Sea Glass that I have collected over the years and unfortunately need to sell it." ~ by Carol -  Devon

Perhaps you have a similar question:

~ Question: Where can I sell some seaglass?

~ Answer: The options are various including online sites, stores, and fleamarkets. 

Online places available include: 

  • eBay, 
  • Etsy, 
  • Craig's List, and many 
  • other craft sales pages.

Find stores or shops near you that sell 

  • beach crafts, 
  • jewelry, crafts, 
  • keepsakes, 
  • bead shops, etc, 

and inquire there.

Near home, sell at 

  • street fairs, 
  • flea markets, or to 
  • family and friends.

For more information on selling your beach glass, see our page:

What is the Value of my Sea Glass?

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