Yellow sea glass Hatteras Island, Vaseline glass?

by BJ
(Mts. Of VA)

Hatteras Island Sea Glass

Hatteras Island Sea Glass

This is our haul from a morning's hike on Hatteras Island.

We were especially excited about the yellow piece.

Does it look like a piece of Vaseline glass and if not , any ideas about it's origin?


Hi BJ,

Thanks for including this question, as many of us have wondered the same thing when we have found a green-yellow piece of sea glass.

One way of telling if it is vaseline glass is to hold it under a "blacklight."

The radioacivity (don't worry, it is nowhere near a harmful level) will cause the glass to "glow in the dark."

For a more indepth look at vaseline glass, take a look at Sue Davises great book, Picture Book of Vaseline Glass. At a price that is definitely affordable, she has included photos of more that 690 pieces showing more than 60 patterns.

Not only that, she tells how to tell vaseline glass apart from "pretenders" and gives expert information that is to the point and easy to understand - not to mention that the photos themselves are good to look at!

David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass

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sea glass colors line

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Oct 19, 2015

by: David

May 03, 2012
shells and sea glass
by: Karen

Vacationing this week in Nags Head North Carolina and haven't seen either shells or glass.....there was a beach revitalization done here last fall; don't know if this affected the area butr now its a dassapointing "nakede beach".

We do alot of East Coast vacations.....would love to hear from anyone who see beaches that make sesrching worthwhile.

Jun 24, 2011
sea pottery
by: Jeff

On the morning of June 21 2011 I found a piece of sea pottery just north of Hatteras Village

Oct 20, 2010
Wow! Sea Glass at Hatteras?!
by: Sarah

I'm jealous, we go to Hatteras every year and have only ever found 3-4 pieces of glass in total.

This year we went to NZ, however, and found pounds!

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