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Sea Glass Fountain, Tabletop or Outdoor

Have you thought about making a Sea Glass Fountain using the glass that you have collected? The play of water and light over pebbles and sea glass is one of the easiest yet most attractive ways to display your favorite beach glass treasures.

Assemble Your Own Sea Glass/Beach Glass Fountain

To build your sea glass fountain, you will need:


  1. Set the bowl in a sunny spot.
  2. Center the pump in the bowl and place the solar panel where it is not too visible.
  3. Pile the beach or aquarium rocks up over the pump to hide it. Adjust the rocks so that the water will trickle down.
  4. Add a layer of beach rocks to the bottom of the bowl.
  5. Place your sea glass on top.
  6. Add water to cover the bottom rocks and partially cover your sea glass. Follow the instructions on the pump to get the right depth of water.

Adapt a Tabletop or Outdoor Fountain

Easier and faster.

If you want a quick and attractive way to display your collection, or if you are leery about starting this project from scratch, why not buy a nice table-top water fountain and add a colorful selection of your sea glass?

Then, just add your sea glass.

Fountains such as the ones displayed here will usually include a light source. This is ideal for showing your sea glass colors.

The sound and visual play of the water over the sea glass and rocks is soothing and lends a nice touch to your home or office environment.

There are many sizes and designs of these tabletop and free-standing water fountains for indoor or outdoor use, and they make a beautiful and artistic display and an excellent way to highlight your sea or beach glass collection.

More Sea Glass and Beach Glass Crafts Ideas and Examples

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~  Colorful night lights and light switch plates.

~ Sea glass wind chimes, suncatchers, or hanging mobiles.

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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