Alki Beach, WA

by Cortney C.
(Alki Beach, WA)

Part of Alki Beach sea glass

Part of Alki Beach sea glass

I just moved to Washington State from Virginia in June.

I wanted a new hobby once I came here because I had moved away from everyone I knew.

So here are some pictures from two of my Alki Beach trips!

I've spent about two hours there every time I've gone.


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To Laura -
by: Cortney C.

Thank you Laura for your tips! These were all from my first few trip was still getting the hang of things!

I've got definitely been researching more and figuring out the best times to search etc.

In Virginia there wasn't many places around to look for the glass, I honestly didn't even know really anything about it until about 3 months ago.

Over the weekend we went hunting again. Found two really good pink pieces and even a red!

Thanks again.

Alki Beach, WA
by: Laura from RI


Thank you for sharing, may I share a tip?

If it shines, it's not prime.

Toss back and look for a non-shine,smooth edge shape.

I saw a piece of brown with sun reflection, I knew immediately it was an immature piece.

A piece of frosted, shaped/formed glass will never cut you, even the tiniest pieces.

If you can see 50% of the sun with your findings...toss.

If you find a piece that, held up to the sun, and you cannot see through it, that's a piece of sea glass. Look for tiny swirls too.

Keep on : )

Laura from RI

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