Barbados Sea Glass Catch

by Kristin
(Newburyport, MA)

Barbados Sea Glass Catch

Barbados Sea Glass Catch

~ By: Kristin - Newburyport, MA

My mom and I had a great time finding all this sea glass in Barbados. A trip to remember!

Map of Barbados area:

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Added Info:

Barbados is one of the many beautiful Caribbean Islands.

It is located toward the southeastern part of the Caribbean.

One of the earliest islands settled by Spanish and other colonists, Barbados has a rich history, reflected in its quaint harbors and picturesque towns.

The bustling tourist industry has left its mark, but overall, the culture remains intact and the people are friendly.

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Comments for Barbados Sea Glass Catch

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Jan 03, 2012
NBPT and Barbados
by: Kristin

Small world isn't it?

There are some good spots by the river here in NBPT. I find tons of old pottery shards, pipes, and sea glass.

The glass colors are beautiful but are often not very worn. Once I found a beautiful elephant made of wood that was worn into a driftwood elephant. I love that find.

Barbados is great. I highly recommend it!

We are headed to
Turks and Caicos in January. Hopefully I will find as much sea glass there. I have seen posts that Grand Turk is a good place to go.

Take care!


Dec 31, 2011
Beautiul Find!
by: Kim

Hi Kristin,

What an awesome collection of sea glass! I have never been to the Barbados.

I do love seeing everyone's photos of all the different things they find.

I have a cousin that lives in Newburyport. My whole family is also from there :)

Your Photo for the December contest is awesome.

I would have been so excited to find something with my name or initials on it.

Best of luck! :)

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