Beach Bottles and Sea Glass

by Ole

Beach Bottles and Sea Glass

Beach Bottles and Sea Glass

My family has been walking beaches for many years collecting things: sand-dollars, driftwood, agates even some amber(Danish).

Just finding these treasures lying on the beach is a real thrill, glass collecting has only been a recent addition to collection.

I am sending you a picture of my latest finds, whole bottles 2 small and 2 large.

One of the large bottles looks like it has been in the ocean for a while. I believe it is dated to around the early 1900's, the other fairly new.

The two smaller bottles are still a mystery, but will keep digging for more info.

Thanks again!!!


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Bottles on Beach with sea glass
by: Jake

Hi Ole, have you found any more bottles? I would really like to see pics of the rest of your collection.

Are you willing to say where you found them?

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