Beach Glass - Day before New Years eve 2009

by Brian Birdsall
(Granite Falls, WA)

Got to Deception Pass West Beach about 4 hours before low tide. Found 2 dozen green, clear and white sea glass within 1 hour, plus two pottery shards. During my walk I also had to step over 3 flounder & 1 sea cucumber. After my first pass of the beach more people started to show up. Up until then I was all alone. I checked 4 more southernly beaches on Whidbey that day and found no more. This was my first time out looking for sea glass.

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Beach Glass Deception Pass Beaches
by: David and Lin Schneider

Hi from us at Odyssey!

Those beaches are our old stomping grounds. Quite a bit of the beach glass we have and also that is for sale on this site is from those beaches, West Beach, Moran, and across the bridge to the north.

In fact if you look at our logo heading at the top of this page between "Odyssey" and "Sea", you will see a smudge on the horizon. That is Deception Pass looking northeast from Port Townsend!

Have fun and send some pics

Birdsall's Beach Glass
by: Marylyn(SuperNan)

Hey Brian,
Happy Twenty10...
Guess it won't be your last hunt for the year!
What a great name for a place to live...Granite Falls.

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