Can you identify this strange fish?

by David and Lin Schneider
(Los Organos, Peru)

Strange fish on Peru beach

Strange fish on Peru beach

We walked on the beach for a couple of hours today but not much beach glass showing.

However, we came across this strange orange/pinkish fish on the beach and wonder what it is?

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by: Anonymous

a cross from a ray and a strogen

by: Anonymous

These fish are pulled from drag boats are called Diablico in Paita Peru

Fish in Peru
by: Anonymous

If you spoke Spanish fluently perhaps you could have asked a local fisherman what the fish is called.

They usually have seen all types of fish in the area and can identify the ones that are unknown to people like us.

If you are a foreigner who does not speak Spanish, you can always contact a professional translator who can help you communicate with the Spanish-speaking community.

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Hi Anon,

Actually, I am Peruvian by birth and fluent in Spanish.

Unfortunately, there was no one around at the time we took the photos and I didn't want to hike back home with the fish.

I'll leave your contact info above for others. Thanks for the nice note!

David @ and

Strange fish
by: Anonymous

Have you figured out what kind of fish it is.

Friends of mine caught one in Indonesia and they cannot identify it.


Hi Anonymous

It apparently is an 'armored sea robin.'

See the following page on our other web site,

Lin and I received several comments about this fish with links to articles on the armored sea robin.

David at

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