Delaware River "Beach Glass" Catch

Hit the Jack Pot!   My prizes for the day all within 2 hours.

Hit the Jack Pot! My prizes for the day all within 2 hours.

11/5/15 Delaware River Beach Glass

It was an amazing day. 

Summer temperatures in November, so off we went to look for sea glass. 

We were very lucky with glass every where.  Found all this within two hours. 

~ question submitted by Anonymous

What might be called "river glass" can often be found on beaches along rivers, as in this example.

Rivers like the Delaware River empty into the ocean and may get some wave action. 

However, normally "river glass" does not meet the criteria for beach glass - that is, to be beach glass, it should be tumbled, rounded, and fully frosted.

On the other hand, river glass can be quite exciting to find, as often the shards come from very old settlements along the rivers from times past.

Also, there is a chance that you will find entire bottles, which are rarely found in wave-tumbled beaches.

David and Lin at Odyssey Sea

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