Fourth Corner Treasures - July 2016 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Denise E.
(Bellingham, WA, USA)

Fourth Corner Treasures - Denise E.

Fourth Corner Treasures - Denise E.

~ sea glass contest photo was submitted by Denise E. in Bellingham, WA, USA

Where was this photo taken?

These pieces were in the far northwest corner of Washington State; the glass and the bright pottery was found near Birch Bay, and the brown-printed stoneware and floral pottery came from Bellingham.

It's difficult to find heavily frosted glass in this area. Due to their design, I believe the glass in these photos is pretty old, it just hasn't frosted heavily due to the milder conditions at these beaches.

Weather and time of day?

The two Bellingham pieces were collected on a sunny day at high tide, in early evening.

The others were at low tide collected on an overcast day, in a wide-ranging area from the high-tide line down to the sand bar.

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?

My husband, Craig, found the large piece on wet sand, and we were both astounded. We're not sure what it is -- perhaps part of an oil lamp? It's about 3 inches long.

We both think it's the coolest piece in our fairly new, but growing, collection. We're new to collecting, but have the bug!

I'm also particularly fond of the piece with the leaf. I wish I could identify the script on the one in the center, too.

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use?

I photographed these on the brim of my straw sun hat, with my phone's camera.

~ sea glass contest photo was submitted by Denise E. in Bellingham, WA, USA

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