Green Sea Glass with "hig" written on it.

by Carroll Senn
(Portsmouth Island, NC)

 Green curved piece of glass bottle with HIG on it.

Trying to to ID your sea glass? Pay it forward by seeing if you can identify these pieces:

Sea Glass Identifying
Small Figurine - Need Help To Identify Sea Glass
Oct 28, 2010 ... Hello, I found this small orange/red figurine on a beach in Atlantic City NJ while searching for sea glass. It is about 2 inches tall and looks like.

Sea Glass Identification
Need help with identifying sea glass with wolf's head
I found an aqua (ish) bottom of a bottle. It was imprinted with the profile of a wolf's head. Could you please identify or point me in the right.

Fascinating reading:

Sea Glass Chronicles BookSea Glass Chronicles
"I love this book. It has a very unique perspective - the history of objects from another time - which have washed up on our shores.

"It is remarkable that a history could be written about a shard of glass. But the author manages to trace back through infinitesimal clues the origin and use of what to most is just colorful detritus. The text is very brief and poetic but also informative.

"The photographs by Pat Hanbery beautifully enhance the found objects. They are insightful and clever, and the quality and sharpness is always first rate. I have seen other photographs by Pat Hanbery but this is a wonderful and whimsical use of her talents."  ~ review by Heidi Pratt

Sea Glass Identification
Collectible Glassware from the 40s, 50s, 60s 10th Edition
  ????? Another home run for Gene Florence
Numerous glass companies from the "good old days" are represented in this edition and this IS another "must have" for the serious Anchor-Hocking, Fire-King and EAPC collectors to carry around with them in the car! Most importantly the photography is, as with all of Florence's books, beautiful and extremely color accurate. ~ Review by Mark J. Desmond

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