Huge, heavy chunk of white sea glass?

by Kitty
(Ventura County CA)

heavy in my hand!

heavy in my hand!

~ sea glass photos submitted by Kitty, Ventura County CA

October 2016 - Huge Chunk of White Sea Glass?

Padaro Beach, California - What is/was this?

We've been collecting sea glass for years, but we've never seen anything like this huge, well seasoned chunk!  It's quite frosted and smooth.

We found it in October 2016, on Padaro Beach (just south of Santa Barbara CA) on a very low tide afternoon. 

It is VERY heavy!  It seems to be maybe industrial glass of some sort, perhaps a vintage insulator?  

There are oil rigs way offshore in this area, so thinking it might have come from the rigs - or not......

It's about 2 inches wide, 2 inches long, about 3/4 inch deep at the low part,  and 1" deep at the highest point.

The top is smoothly concave; the bottom quite flat.  It is somewhat opaque, not clear, when held up to the light.

We keep thinking it should be easy to identify, but no one we ask can pinpoint it...... can anyone tell me?


Ventura County CA

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Jan 03, 2017
Door Knob?
by: Steve

Possibly an antique doorknob.

Nov 11, 2016
by: Janice

Thank you Kitty. I was wondering if it was worth checking it out but I believe I'll look elsewhere. Where in the Santa Barbara area would you recommend?

Nov 10, 2016
scarce sea glass on Padaro Beach CA
by: Kitty

In reply to Janice's query:

Sea glass finds on Padaro Beach are scarce, in our experience. We've only found a few pieces there in the last few years. Unless the tide is low, the beach is very narrow.

That's why this huge chunk we just found is so surprising!


Nov 10, 2016
Previous report on Padaro Beach
by: Janice

A previous report on Padaro Beach, CA says nothing found there. Do you have more information on what you have found at Padaro? Thank you.

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