Intact tiny bottle? Sea Glass Identification

by Eric Nelsen
(Vashon Island Wa. U.S.A.)

Sea glass bottle -

Sea glass bottle -

~ question submitted by Eric Nelsen in Vashon Island Wa. U.S.A.

I was wondering if finding an intact 2 1/4" very abraded clear glass bottle is unusual?

The bottle has some faint writing that says: "LIQUID COLOR".

It's perfect but heavily pitted and frosted.

~ question submitted by Eric Nelsen



Wow, Eric, that is a really nice find! It is very unusual and the fact that it is all in one piece really makes it special.

Just a guess is that it is a dye bottle, either for hair dye or for textile dye.

A good bottle identification book like the ones below will surely help you ID this gem.

tiny bottle sea glass identification Bottle - sea glass identification

~ David (chief bottle washer - OdysseySeaGlass

 PS - Where did you find this nice bottle?

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Comments for Intact tiny bottle? Sea Glass Identification

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Apr 18, 2016
Burnett's liquid color
by: Elb

Look up Burnett's liquid color, I think you will agree with me, that is what your bottle is. Bluing that was added to the rinse water when washing clothes in the 30 s, 40s and 50s.

Feb 22, 2015
by: Joe t

Burnett Food Coloring

Sep 30, 2013
food color
by: Amy

I just googled 'vintage liquid color bottle' and it looks like it might be a food color bottle.

Jun 07, 2013
Okinawa Military Medicine Bottles
by: Vickie Martin

I found several types of very small bottles in Okinawa.

These were medicine bottles the military had during WW2.

The bottom will have numbers on them which provide the date.

Sea Glass Posters by David and Lin at
Sea Glass Poster - with Quote

Mar 30, 2012
by: Meg -IN

Hello, I love to find odd bottles, and I found your post.

First, is there any sort of date posted? My first thought of the " Liquid Color" is hair coloring.

Back when everthing was in glass bottles. Another ideal is alcohol. Amber looking alcohol was known as Liquid Color at one point.

I tried to google the item as I am sure you have as well and found nothing of the shape.

The best places for reference would be a glass dealer, a bottle collector, or even a well-known pond shop.

Don't let them fool you though!

Sep 11, 2011
by: Monica Dally

Nice bottle, Eric! I grew up on Vashon Island. Class of 1979. I live in Hawaii now on the Big Island. Once an island girl, always an island girl. Love the bottle.

I am addicted to finding sea glass and have never found such a treasure as a entire frosted bottle. What a fun find!!


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