Is There Sea Glass in New Zealand? *

by Sarah Jane Swart
(Gloucester, MA, USA)

New Zealand Sea Glass?

New Zealand Sea Glass?

~ Question submitted by Sarah Jane Swart - Gloucester, MA, USA

Does anyone have a recommendation about a good beach for sea glass in New Zealand?

We're headed there April 2 and would love to spend a few hours on a promising beach.

~ Question submitted by Sarah Jane Swart - Gloucester, MA, USA

* Photo by Yv

Sea Glass New Zealand
Wellington, NZ

Sea Glass New Zealand
Spiral -
Waihi, New Zealand

Sea Glass New Zealand
Fish Mosaics,
New Zealand

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Oct 23, 2015

by: David

Mar 16, 2014
Wellington, New Zealand
by: Michael

Lots of wind, waves & rocky beaches here in Wellington so ideal conditions.

One of the most abundant beaches that I've found is so small it does even have a name on the maps but if you are ever in Wellington then look up this address on Google Maps:

293 Evans Bay Parade, Hataitai, Wellington 6021, New Zealand

I've also had good pickings at the south end of Shelly Bay which is right across the (Evans) bay from the above beach.

Jan 18, 2014
nz seaglass
by: Anonymous

found tons of it on north island, western beaches area. lots of different colors and textures, its amazing!!!

Jan 29, 2013
Mason Bay
by: Rudi


You might try Mason Bay, Stewart Island.

They say it catches alot of "stuff" from around the globe and is a good beach for those who like to beachcomb.

I spent a week on the island once years ago but unfortunately never made it to that particular spot so can't comment directly.

Anyway, have a happy holiday!

Nov 14, 2012
Sea Glass in NZ
by: fire wolf

Well just last year at Urenui Beach at x-mas time

In about 6 days I found about so much seaglass that it filled a 2 litre Ice-cream container and it was my first time searching for seaglass.

And the biggest piece I found was on x-mas day.

Its length is about 9cm and width I'd say about 6cm.

It is was a dark colour but when I held it towards the sun it turned into a aqua-ish colour so you should head down there some time.

Apr 02, 2010
New Zealand
by: Kristin

My husband and I spent a month in South Island New Zealand and loved every minute of it.

We found very little sea glass on the beaches but we found amazing shells. I came home with an entire suitcase full of shells!

I have an email I send to people that are traveling there going over the places we loved (sadly it has been 5 years now).

If you are interested, feel free to email me.


Happy hunting!

Apr 01, 2010
new zealand
by: kristin

We spent a month on south island and found very little sea glass.

I did however come home with an entire suitcase full of beautiful shells.

Enjoy your trip, New Zealand is amazing! Happy hunting!

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