Wellington Harbor, New Zealand

by Sarah Jane
(Gloucester, MA)

just a tiny fraction

just a tiny fraction

~ sea glass catch photo submitted by Sarah Jane , Gloucester, MA

At Wellington Harbor, New Zealand

In the last week my husband and I were in the North Island of New Zealand (we live in Massachusetts).

It seems that no one there collects sea glass; indeed, on the South Island the week before, we were speaking with a sea-side glass blower who was just confused by my questions about where to look--clearly thought it was trash.

We found pounds of pieces on one beach in the Wellie harbor loop.

~ sea glass catch photo submitted by Sarah Jane , Gloucester, MA

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Comments for Wellington Harbor, New Zealand

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Jun 03, 2020
Selling Seaglass in New Zealand
by: Liz

In reply to the question, it is legal to sell seaglass in NZ.

If selling from overseas and sending into NZ just need to make sure product is clean (no organic matter) and is correctly declared.

Not sure how popular seaglass is in NZ. It does not seem to be a popular as in other countries and rarely for sale but hopefully this will change as it so beautiful.

If collecting in Wellington try Owhiro Bay & Waitara Cove but watch out for dangerous swells.
Also between Days Bay and Point Howard inner Harbour, good for light aqua and pale amethyst and if lucky marbles of which I found two just last week.

Happy hunting.

Cheers Liz
Hutt Valley

Jun 03, 2020
Collecting Sea Glass in New Zealand
by: Marylyn

How wonderful! What an excellent find. Exciting!
I found a great haul each time I wandered the foreshore in Akaroa on the South Island.
Great to know that the North has some as well!

Jun 03, 2020
Sea glass wuestion
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if it's illegal to sell seaglass online in New Zealand?
I have a kayak and love to go out exploring bays and often find bits and pieces of sea glass while i'm out. I had an idea that it could be a cool idea to sell what I find to people in NZ who create jewellery. If it's not ok to do maybe i'll have to dabble in a bit of jewellery making myself! Thanks guys

May 28, 2019
Other places in New Zealand
by: Anonymous

As a child I used to look for coloured glass, especially blue glass, at Eastbourne, Wellington Harbour. In the Bay of Plenty where I now live, one can find glass at the Whakatane Heads, including volcanic glass - obsidian. I'm sure other beaches with coarse sand, close to rocky coastlines, will provide sea glass.

Mar 19, 2018
by: Liz

Hi there, I’m a new seaglass collector and have just recently come across this site and have read the Wellington comments with interest and amusement.

The person who noted that Wgtn has zero waves either has never been here or has a very dry sense of humour. We have waves nearly all the time because we have LOTS of wind. We also have a mix of stony bays and sandy beaches, some shallow, some steep.

Just for fun (as time & weather allows) I plan on walking all the bays from Pencarrow to Red Rocks to check for seaglass and will let you know the best spots. I’ll also try and send some photos.

Happy hunting.

Mar 08, 2018
Wellington seaglass
by: Anonymous

There is more to Wellington than its inside harbour.

It is also one of the windiest cities (if not the windiest) in the world so plenty of wave action inside the harbour.

There is great seaglass if you know where to look.

Oct 28, 2015
No Waves
by: Anonymous

Please note that Wellington is in an essentially landlocked bay and has zero waves.

The beach glass is therefore not tumbled at all.

Nov 07, 2014
We need some photos of the glass in New Zealand :)
by: David

Hi all you Kiwis! Lin and I (David) are asking for your help.

We know there has got to be some great places to find sea glass on your fabulous islands.

Can you share some photos of what you've found?

We would all just love to see whatever you can post. To post, just upload to one of our forum pages.


Lin and David here at Odyssey Sea Glass

Apr 21, 2010
What a Find
by: SuperNan


I would so love to hit a beach with something on it let alone what you guys have found.

Great stuff!

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