Pure Sea Glass - by Richard LaMotte

by David (editor)
(Los Organos, Peru)

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Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature's Vanishing Gems

About the Author

Pure Sea Glass author Richard LaMotte has been at the forefront of sea-glass research since presenting his first lecture on the topic back in 2002.

His book, a master reference on sea glass for North American collectors, earned first place in nonfiction from the Writer's Digest 13th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards.

Richard has lectured or hosted collectors at more than 100 signing events around the country.

His book and presentations help collectors

* develop successful beachcombing strategies and

* take you through the history of glass manufacturing and the science of ocean weathering

* unlock the mysteries of their seaside treasures.

Richard and his family have collected more than 40,000 pieces of sea glass, much of it along the Chesapeake Bay near their home in Chestertown, Maryland.

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Pure Sea Glass
by: Kay Carruth

Within a matter of days after I had been biten by the "sea glass bug", Pure Sea Glass was the first book I read. It is a wealth of information and so very INTERESTING. Thanks Richard LaMotte!!!

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