Sea Glass at Seacliff Beach Santa Cruz

by Claudia and kids

Arianna and Kiley Seacliff Beach Sea Glass

Arianna and Kiley Seacliff Beach Sea Glass

~ sea glass photos submitted by Claudia, Arianna, Kiley in La Selva Beach, California

Sea Glass

At Seacliffe Beach, near Santa Cruz, CA

I just got some photos in of my (David, editor) granddaughters at Seacliff Beach in Santa Cruz just north of the cement ship, so I'm posting the photo of some of the glass here.

Seacliffe Beach is mostly sandy but with a rock base, but apparently when the currents are right, glass will be exposed.

A lot of the time, however, it seems that the sand is brought in by the currents and covers  up what glass there is.

If you are familiar with Seacliffe Beach, please add your comments below. Thanks!

~ sea glass photos submitted by Claudia, Arianna, Kiley in La Selva Beach, California

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Comments for Sea Glass at Seacliff Beach Santa Cruz

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Apr 01, 2019
Beach glass in Seacliff!
by: Lisa R.

I am so excited, I've been collecting it for over 20 years, and never knew it was being found frequently in Seacliff! I've been going here to
Davenport. Fort Bragg is another favorite of mine when I can make it up there. I will report on my findings as soon as possible. Thank you, Odyssey Sea Glass!

Feb 02, 2019
There is still sea glass
by: Katie

I went yesterday after a storm a few hours after high tide. The glass is not plentiful. I found what I found in piles of rock washed up high on the shore. An hour before low tide, I could start to see the rocks at the shoreline reveal themselves. These are the places I found the glass. Mostly white and green and small! Tiny! About the size of an actual mermaid tear. I did happen to find one little piece of cornflower blue which was the treasure of the day! All in all, not exactly worth the 3 hour drive from Vallejo.

Aug 13, 2018
Seacliff is cool !
by: Teresa

I lived at Seaclif f Beach for years. Being retired, I had lots of time for beachcombing. My husband and I would go 3-4 times a day. The trick is to be patient. We found all kinds of treasure and crafted all kinds of things out of it. Plus the rangers allow you to take driftwood off the beach up to 50 lbs. I like the North side better though of cement boat. Seaglass, shells,,cool stones,driftwood and a couple sharks teeth are what I found there.Good luck!

Apr 17, 2017
No glass
by: PollyAnonymous

Three years ago or so during the winter months we would find a lot of sea glass but for the past 2 years there hasn't been much.

The currents have changed and not enough sand being taken out to sea.

We are so disappointed as we can't find anything.

We go down there at least 4times a week. Sure miss the beautiful findings.

Jan 29, 2017
Where have all the rocks gone?
by: Heather

The rocks don't leave the beach, they're covered up.

It's the sand that moves.

We have a beach here where one day there will be rock and the next nothing.

However, on some days you can feel the rock under the sand.

Dec 29, 2014
Seacliff sea glass
by: David

Many beaches, like Seacliff, are covered with sand that is quite deep.

Under the sand is the rocks.

If the along-shore ocean currents change, the sand can wash out from the shore, exposing the rocks and sea glass that has sifted down through the sand to the bottom.

It is almost impossible to predict when those currents will wash the sand out and uncover the rocks.

At very low tides, the water may drop below the edge of the sand, and then your best bet is looking along that edge.

However, low tides many times just reveal more sand; it depends more on the currents.

Dec 29, 2014
Where did all the Sea Glass go???
by: JR

I live in Seacliff. I have always read about finding sea glass at low tide and after winter storms.

Well, we just had the "king tides" and nothing??!!

This beach seems to be an anomaly. You can only find sea glass going into the peak of high tides in the pile of rocks washing up with the tide.

Ever since fall and winter there has been nothing. Where have all the rocks gone, and why do they only wash up in spring and summer?? Does anyone have an answer or theory for me?

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