Sea "Pottery"???

by Jake
(SW Honshu Japan)

Sea Pottery - Beach Shards (from OdysseySeaGlass files)

Sea Pottery - Beach Shards (from OdysseySeaGlass files)

~ question submitted by Jake in SW Honshu Japan

"Sea Ceramics" or "Sea Pottery"


I currently live in Japan and have been finding a great deal of "sea ceramics" or "sea pottery" - I am not sure if it has a name other than sea glass.

Can anyone tell me the history behind these finds?  

Is it linked to a Japanese tradition of any sort or is this just "garbage" washing up on the beach?

Thank you,

~ question submitted by Jake in SW Honshu Japan

Response from OdysseySeaGlass

David (editor):

Hi Jake, nice to hear from Japan!

Pottery shards are among the beach treasures that many sea glass fans also collect. Finding a nice shard is very exciting. We have a tiny bit of information on this site about pottery shards, but I will be adding photos and more as soon as I get a chance! The above photo is an example.

Shards may be identified generally as to how old they are by certain features, ie, material used, firing methods, and shapes. However, even that is not exact. When you only have a worn shard, it significantly increases the difficulty.

If you find a piece with a signature, trademark, or seal, however, more precise identification becomes possible.

However, SO MUCH pottery has been produced over the ages in all parts of the world, that a lot of information still needs to be gathered. A very interesting site on the web is:

A suggestion would be to post a photo here and see if any of our viewers can given some ideas. You  

submit as often as you want.

Keep on keepin' on...

Sea Pottery Shard??

~ submitted by Sherryl Triplett (St. Louis, MO)

We found a piece of ??? at Kill Devil beach in NC.

It is a smooth triangular shape, has a creamy white background with sea-foam green stripes almost appearing like a sea shell texture.

Could this be a piece of sea pottery??

We also found a couple of pieces I think may be sea glass; one is triangular-opaque white, smooth, flat and frosty.

The others are more rounded, pea-like and kind of rusty in color(not orange,red or brown).

Any thoughts??

~ submitted by Sherryl Triplett

Response from OdysseySeaGlass

Hi Sherryl,

It definitely sounds like you have found a sea pottery shard and some sea glass. However, it is hard to be sure. The rusty reds might be something else very interesting, it's hard to say.

It's exciting to find old pottery shards while looking for sea glass. Lin likes the more porcelain type with figures painted into it. I like the earthenware with solid or striped colors on it.

One thing about a lot of the pottery shards found on the beach is that they seem to wear down a lot faster than glass, especially the earthen ware, which is logical. With just a glazed surface over a brick-like base, they are musch softer than solid glass.

They look great in an arrangement with sea glass, stones, and shells.

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Oct 23, 2015
Previous comments
by: >>>

Nov 06, 2013
Pink Sea Pottery Shard with Markings
by: jon david (bridgend, U.K.)

What is this beach pottery?

Any idea what this was originally part of?

David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass:

Because of the size and color, it appears that this is from dinnerware or glassware.

A comprehensive book that we would recommed, since no one has been able to identify it here, is Collectible Glassware from the 40s, 50s, 60s , one of our favorites.

Happy hunting!

Sep 28, 2010
What is the name of beach in London which used to be a dump and can find great sea glass?
by: Anonymous

I have often heard people mention that "dump beach" in England is a great place to discover sea glass.

I will be going to London soon and would like to visit.

If you have been, please tell me more about it, name of beach, location and how to get there.

Thank you!


Yes, here it is:

Seaham Beach, England, UK

May 16, 2009
Sea Pottery
by: Anonymous

Hi, this is Nick from Seaglass Dreams and you just about hit the nail on the head when you called them "Sea Pottery" because that's exactly what they are!

These were once garbage from plates, dishes, cups that were either washed or dumped into the sea.

They could have been from ships and even wrecks offshore!

I found a lot of seaglass & Pottery on an Okinawa, Japan beach!!

When I went to England I found a huge assortment of gorgeous "Delft" pottery in blue, red and other colors on a beach that was the dumping grounds for most of London's garbage!!

The colors of the seaglass on this beach would knock any diehard collector's socks off!! Hope this helps...

Nick - Sea Glass Dreams

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