Small cube glass fishing float identification?

by Doug
(United States)

I have a small collection of glass floats from La Jolla late 1950's.

I have been picking up others over the years.

I mainly collect antique bottles but l come across floats.

I bought one 20 years ago.

A cube about 3 inches on a side, dark cobalt blue cube with a deep purple plug.

Do you know of one like this?

Cube-shaped glass fishing float
by: David (editor)

Stu Farnsworth got back to me and says, "The float in question {cube} I know a great deal about.

They were made by Hokuyo Glass Co out of Aomori Japan in the late 50s for Restaurant and Shell Shops and Gift Shops for selling. The fact that it has a different color sealbutton shows that they probably were the manufacturer. They were good at doing Art Glass type things back then.

The only other possibility is that it is one from Taiwan but he would need to look close on one of the square ends and there would be a faint embossed marking MADE IN TAIWAN. They are worth a tad bit more but still were made for the shops for sale and usually only bring on a good day around $20.00 and that might be a little high in todays market. Although with a different colored seal it may even bring a tad bit more.

Hope this helps."

Beachcombing for Japanese Glass Floats

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