Glass Fishing Floats in Hawaii

by Gail and Bill
(Oahu, Hawaii)

Glass fishing floats Oahu

Glass fishing floats Oahu

Glass Fishing Floats in Hawaii

~ submitted by Gail and Bill in December 2010, Hawaii

These glass fishing floats were all found on Oahu in the past 2 months (we have others not in these pictures that came from the Marshall Islands where floats also turn up).  

No particular story, I just came across these on my early morning (6:30 AM) walks with our dog.  

We do have one "rolling pin" float that the dog picked up 3 years ago when she was a puppy.  

It was covered in barnacles and algae, but she must have liked the shape (bonelike?).  

We were pretty impressed when we realized what she had found.  

The ones in the pictures are the only other ones we've found in the four years we've been here.  

We haven't found any since before Thanksgiving, so maybe whatever was causing them to wash ashore (storm? change in currents?) is now over.  


~ submitted by Gail and Bill in December 2010, Hawaii

Beachcombing for Japanese Glass Floats

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