The Day I Found My Other Piece of Orange Beach Glass

by Alex Horn
(FT Lauderdale)

I have already submitted a story about how I found my first orange piece of sea glass. I found my second in a weird way.

I was in Florida, at a different beach than the first. I had found a purple piece that day and had retired from finding any more but I kept on looking.

After a while of finding only browns and clears I gave up. When I left to the beach I looked through the pieces and what do you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the pieces I had dismissed as a brown was a shocking orange piece of beach glass. It was pretty surprising but I had been finding a lot of browns and after a while I just started dismissing everything as a brown.

It goes to show, always look through what you find after!

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Sep 29, 2015
More Florida Sea Glass Reports
by: David and Lin from OdysseySeaGlass

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Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Aug 07, 2010
Sea Glassing in Florida?
by: Cheri Mula


I know sea glass collectors keep their beaches quiet.

I am coming from the island of Oahu to Florida.

I am trying to locate areas in or around Jacksonville. It can be within two or three hours for sure.

I sea glass for a hobby and relaxation. I am sad to be leaving the islands due to my husband job change.

The part I will miss the most is the glass beaches.

Do you think you could recommend some areas for me to hunt? Thanks so much.

email: cmula.stgeorges (at) yahoo dot com

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