Cape Cod, MA Location?

by Katie O~
(Manchester, NH)

Sea glass find - Massachusetts

Sea glass find - Massachusetts

~ submitted by Katie O, Manchester, NH

Having a walking disability certainly can put a damper on sea glassing.

We're heading to Cape Cod for a little mini vacation next week (4 days) and I don't want to spend time searching empty beaches if it can be helped in any way.

Can someone suggest a few good beaches for sea glassing at the Cape?

Thank you!

Happy Sea Glassing to all, and to all a great find!

~ submitted by Katie O, Manchester, NH

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Added Notes:

Cape Cod does have some sea glass.

The eastern, or Atlantic Ocean side receives enough wave action to thoroughly tumble glass shards.

However, like all other beaches that are mainly sand, glass is buried quickly beneath many feet of sand.

Since it is buried, it is very hard to find. The best time is after a storm when the sand has been overturned and old stuff is exposed on the surface.

The western shore of Cape Cod is generally marshy and protected from wave action. It does not have sea glass due to little wave action and lots of sand/mud.

For those of you who want information on specific areas, our site, OdysseySeaGlass, usually has quite a bit of information on beaches in the various states and countries around the world.

We recommend you do a search using the search box in the right column.

Enter the name of the beach or the state or country you are interested it. The search box will show all the pages on this site where that beach, state, or country is mentioned.

If there is very little information found on our site, that is generally because very little glass has been reported found in that area.

~ David from OdysseySeaGlass

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