Doughnut Glass Fishing Float Question

by Joe

Doughnut Glass Fishing Float Prices?

~ submitted by Joe

question on glass float

I have a question:

On your fishing floats 3 page you feature a photo of a doughnut fishing float made by the Northwest Glass Co. in Seattle.

Any idea what year this was made in, and what kind of price it might fetch?

~ submitted by Joe

question on glass float

The doughnut float was made by Northwest Glass Co. out of Seattle and has long since closed operations down.

At first this float was supposed to have only 12 known but several more have shown up thru the collector world.

The float was made in the 40s and was made looking like a doughnut so the tie instead of going around the float went thru the float.

The float itself was cost prohibitive so very few ever made it past production. I would say an educated guess is there are around 20.

When there were only supposed to be 12 the price was going in the $5,000.00 range but since most serious collectors with money have one and more showed up the price has gone down to roughly $3,500.00

The float comes in Clear and Beer Bottle Brown. One with a good marking embossed on the flat spot brings the current high value on the float.

A example was found in a Seattle Junk Shop about 10 yrs ago and was bought for $15.00 which he turned around quick and made a huge profit. Hope this helps.

~ answered by Stu Farnsworth

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