Glouster, MA April 14, 2013 Sea Glass Catch

by Katie Olmstead
(Manchester, NH)

Glouster Sea Glass Catch

Glouster Sea Glass Catch

~ submitted by Katie Olmstead in Manchester, NH

Although it wasn't the best day for sea glass I've had in Gloucester, MA, it certainly was worth it!

Map of Gloucester, Massachusetts beach area:

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sea glass colors line

Gloucester, Massachusetts coast history:

Gloucester was founded in 1623 and became part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It was established earlier than Salem or Boston, two of the better known places settled at a later date.

Within a short time, however, the settlement was abandoned but was slowly reinhabited over the following years.

In its early days, its economy was based mainly on logging with some subsistence farming.

By the early 1700s, Gloucester had become known for its ship building, at the same time rising in importance for its fishing.

By the 1800s, Gloucester became a dominant player in the huge fishing industry off  the Nova Scotia and Newfoundland banks.

Fishing was a dangerous business then and still is today.

Over the course of its history, Gloucester has lost 10,000 men to the sea, not to mention thousands of ships.

sea glass colors line

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Comments for Glouster, MA April 14, 2013 Sea Glass Catch

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Sep 27, 2015
Waikiki Beach, near Salem, Massachusetts
by: Marie in NY

We found many white flat pieces not so frosted and tumbled.

It was quite a disappointment. My family was there about 15 years ago and the kids found an unbelievable amount of good jewelry grade glass.

I guess we were a few years too late.

Sep 26, 2015
Gloucester, MA Beaches
by: Katie

There are several really good Sea Glass pages on Facebook. They will lead you to a lot of other beaches that I have not visited.

My husband comes with me when we go sea glassing. He drops me off at our "Secret Spot" that is actually private, and owned by area residents.

I usually sit down on a rock and pick the glass around me, then move to another spot. Hubby does the walking. He has his bag, and I have mine.

We often have little contests between ourselves to see who finds the best piece, the biggest one, etc.

When we go to Gloucester, we plan it by the tides so we can go in the morning, have lunch, and go back again.

Other than for the color, I basically take any color. People say that they don't take the white, but in actuality, those 'whites' are amethyst, seafoam, and a few other colors.

After washing them with soap and water, I let them dry on a white sheet. That way I can sort them by color a lot easier.

As for the beaches, I like Pavilion Beach by the statue.

The other one is in the 'Art' area, but I can't think of the name of the park. It is small, but you need to go at low tide and walk around the rocks to the other side.

It's also private property, but you are allowed to go up to the water mark line. (If nobody is around, there's great sea glass in front of those houses!)

Another good one is in Rockport, which is only a short distance away. You could easily do Gloucester and Rockport, then back to Gloucester in one day.

Hope this helps!


Sep 25, 2015
Cressey's Beach
by: D

it's a joke, not really any glass. Don't waste your time.

Came all the way out here from Seattle, in the middle of our Boston vacation because it was the only thing written up for the coast.

We even drove all the way down to the cape - nothing found.

Jun 03, 2013
(Response to Arion) Glouster, MA Sea Glass Catch
by: Katie O~


In the half dozen times, we've never had a 'bad' day looking for Sea Glass in Glouster.

The first two or three times, we only went to Pavillion Beach, which is much better if you go a couple hours prior to low tide so you can catch the new beauties coming in.

Bring yourself something to sit on and sift through the smaller rocks, especially those that are beyond the rock wall.

During the next few visits, we searched around other beach cove areas and asked locals (Which seems to be the best way) where to go.

We even got kicked out of one "Private" beach, which I didn't even know existed!

Feel free to email me at:

burt2008 (at)

Please put Odyssey Sea Glass in the Subject line.

Thanks for your comments & Good Luck!

Katie :)

May 21, 2013
What fun finds!
by: Airon

What awesome finds, Katie.

If you see this, I'd be interesting in knowing if this was a typical day of hunting for you in Gloucester, or if it was unusual?

I live in the region but am just getting started (I've only been once).

We're getting ready to move to TX in a couple of weeks, and before I do, I'd like to try beach combing a few nearby areas.

Also - would you mind sharing which beach(es) you visited?

If you prefer, I can provide a personal email address.

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