I HEART Sea Glass - September 2011 Sea Glass Digital Photo Contest

by Victoria Roberts
(Bellingham, WA)

I HEART Sea Glass

I HEART Sea Glass

~ by Victoria Roberts, Bellingham, WA

Where was this photo taken?

In my house: Bellingham, WA

What were your feelngs or impressions when taking this photo?

I wanted to display my heart collection that has made me happy with others.

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use?

I just have a Cannon Digital.

What tips or suggestions do you have for other photographers?

I don't consider myself a photographer... I just love Sea Glass.

~ by Victoria Roberts, Bellingham, WA

Added Notes:

The many beaches near Bellingham can provide quite a bit of sea glass. However, the fetch is not great, and the resulting waves are minimal, so the glass is rarely well-tumbled and frosted.

That being said, don't let this stop you from visiting these beaches. The sheer beauty of the waterways of the Northwest Washington area make beach trips near Bellingham very enjoyable. And there is always a chance you will find something rare.

Lin and I (David) have explored many of the beaches along this stretch of coast and enjoyed the explorations.

You shouldn't miss the very interesting and historically significant town of Bellingham, either. Whether as a stop-off to take an exciting ferry journey to Alaska or as a destination in itself, be sure to include a trip to Bellingham. Then take the picturesque route down Chuckanut Drive, cross over to Whidbey Island, then take the ferry to Port Townsend, checking out Rosario Beach and West Beach along the way.

Port Townsend is another quaint and historic saltwater port town known for arts, music...and great sea glass beaches.

From Port Townsend, it's not far to where Lin and I (David @ Odyssey) have lived off and on in Sequim, Washington. Then, a few minutes west is Port Angeles, where you'll find occasionally-great sea glass hunting at Ediz Hook.

Catch the ferry across to another historic and attractive Victorian town called....Victoria. On the Canadian side of the Juan de Fuca Strait on large Vancouver Island, Victoria provides many attractive tours and sights and there are beaches rumored to be very good for sea glass along the Southern Vancouver Island coastline.

Happy hunting!

~ Added by David (Chief Assistant Map Organizer - OdysseySeaGlass)

Recommended Hotel in Bellingham, Washington:

Comfort Inn Bellingham

best hotels in Bellingham, Washington WA
Rated: Very Good, 4.2

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