Is this sea glass or a worn down shell or what?

by LauraJayne Blackwell
(Marina del Rey, CA)

Sea Glass or worn shell?

Sea Glass or worn shell?

Hi All,

I found this along with a few other variety of rocks or sea glass.

This one however really caught my eye. But it doesn't look like sea glass I used to find in Florida.

I found it on El Matador Beach in California.

What I find interesting is the inner section is clear with some interesting patterns or striations in it and the outer edges are white.

Could it just be a shell that's been worn down? It feels like glass but would a shell if the ocean hardened it over time?

It measures 5/8" L x less than 1/2" W x less than 1/4" and narrows down.

Thanks for your thoughts. I have others I'll submit later.

~ Laura Jayne

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Comments for Is this sea glass or a worn down shell or what?

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Apr 09, 2016
Interesting Michele
by: LJ

Thanks Michele ~
Your message is definitely more spot on. That's what I was hoping for. I don't have a tumbler but if I did...might be able to determine if it's most likely Chalcedony or Chalcedony "Moonstone". I googled Chalcedony variations. Here's the link where I found the info below in case you're interested.

Chalcedony "Moonstone "

This variety is semitransparent white to gray (milky) chalcedony that only vaguely resembles moonstone. It lacks the floating light effect that is characteristic of true adularescence in genuine moonstone.

Happy hunting on the Central CA Coast.

Thanks again!

Apr 08, 2016
by: Michele

I agree with David and Lin. I have found many pieces of chalcedony this winter (called Moonstones where I live) on the Cali Central Coast.

I actually bought a rock tumbler and now have beautiful polished treasures. Fun new hobby to add to my sea glass obsession.

Nov 08, 2015
by: LauraJayne

Many thanks for your comments.

I think you're absolutely correct.

I found more info on agates open in new window for sea glass links on your site here which led me to other sites and types of agates and wow, some really interesting and beautiful stuff.

And the rare ones are quite valuable. So I'll be happy to find more.

So while it's not of real value, once polished, it will make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thanks for that suggestion.

I'm sure that's what my others are as well but I'll post to share.

So happy I found this site. Thank you both!

Precious regards,


Nov 08, 2015

by: David

Hi LauraJayne,

Lin and I are pretty positive that what you have found is an agate.

Pretty positive means like 99% positive.

Although agates are extremely hard rocks, the surface usually has a waxy feel.

If it feels waxy, then you have definitely found a nice little agate.

Although they are not a precious stone, agates are a collector's delight because of the different colors and striations.

If you had a rock tumbler, you could put it in there for about 2 weeks and it would come out a beautiful little gem - very shiny and translucent.

Happy hunting,

David and Lin @ Odyssey Sea Glass

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