Mornington Beach Sea Glass Treasure

by Marylyn
(Pakenham, Victoria, Australia)

Sea Glass Ambiance

Sea Glass Ambiance

~ sea glass beach report submitted by Marylyn in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia 

Name of Beach and Location: Mornington Beach, Victoria, Australia

    Mornington Beaches

I had no idea that he would arrive with this amount of booty!

There are green pieces, white pieces and brown pieces. Some pottery shards were amoungst the glass which was a pleasant surprise.

I now have to teach him what to do with the less 'worked' pieces. He was very intrigued as to what I intended to do with the collection until he saw the jars of sea glass that sit on the outside table.

I am yet to actually wander the same stretch of water but no doubt this is something that I want to do in the near future. Just think what the trained eye will find if this is what an amatuer found.

I haven't rated the bech as yet but when I do I will comment here. However I will hazzard a guess and say that EXCELLENT it has to be!

The actual locality is yet to be discovered as well as any other tips that I can add.

I'll no doubt have a great photo to show off when I finally do get to explore this Sea Glass treasure chest!

Till then.
Cheers from Downunder.

~ sea glass beach report submitted by Marylyn in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia 
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