Pacific Beach Ca

by Mary Rae
(Pacific Beach, CA)

Pacific Beach, San Diego, Southern California, USA

Pacific Beach, San Diego, Southern California, USA

Name of the Beach:  Pacific Beach

City nearest to that beach: Pacific Beach, California

I have been here for the past month and walk each day on the beach.

Everyday I come back with some glass. Mostly green, brown, light blue, white.

I found a portion of an old shasta soda bottle with the name on bottom.

Today I was excited to find a portion of an old Old Spice bottle with a big portion of the logo intact and so smooth and perfect.

I also found one day a pea sized turqoise piece of glass.

I start at the end of the beach where all the surfers are (Law st?) and walk all the way to the jetty at mission beach. I also find a lot of sand dollars.

Add any other suggestions or cautions that will help others:

Dogs are not allowed on the beach at this time of year til 6PM.

Very few walks to contend with, but, always check the tide schedule as this will make a difference.

We appreciate this and all reports we receive. However, when evaluating a report, use good judgment.

  • No photos were included with this report, which is really needed to tell the condition of the glass found.
As always, we remind folks that sea glass beach reports are not confirmed by Lin or me at Odyssey Sea Glass unless otherwise stated. Reports that do not include photos of the sea glass found are less reliable. So use your own judgement in deciding whether to travel to a particular beach or not.

Map of San Diego's beach areas:

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