San Onofre State Beach

by Megan
(Ontario, California)

Some finds from the day - San Onofre State Beach

Some finds from the day - San Onofre State Beach

~ By: Megan - Ontario, California  

Name of the Beach - San Onofre State Beach

    City nearest to that beach. - San Clemente

    The state, country, or island where the beach is - California, USA

Unfortunately there was not a lot of glass to be found.

In about two hours I found only three pieces total - 1 each of brown, clear, and green.

Only the brown ended up being a cool piece - fairly thick and well-rounded and frosty. Not jewelry grade though :(

We did find a couple of what appear to be 3-4 inch white ceramic shards, but I need to examine them better to make sure they aren't seashells.

The best find of the day was what looks like a brown and white ceramic insulator!

I was really excited to find this.

It's very heavy, and looks like it was tumbling around for a long time.

Rate the beach:

X - Poor - 0 piece of jewelry grade sea glass found per hour.

Extra info:

We were in the "Dog Patch" area of this beach - closest to the Power Plant.

There was an entrance fee of $15.00, but that will also get you into any other state park/beach for the day. 

We were combing during the daytime low tide.

This area is very very rocky in some places, so I'd caution you
to bring water shoes. Even though the rocks are smooth, it will make your walk a lot easier.

I almost lost a flip-flop sandal, but luckily it floated back to me :)

Compared to more popular beaches, this was fairly empty for the middle of summer.

There were only a few people walking near us with their dogs. Lots more people as you got further back towards the entrance.

I must add that if you are also a rock and shell collector, this is actually a great place!

I found whole purple olive snail shells, large barnacles, a little worn bone, and what I'm choosing to believe is a unicorn horn, but is most likely the spiral from a "Wavy Turban" snail shell.

We even saw a WHOLE turban shell and were super excited until we realized it still had it's snail occupant inside.

There were also some excellent rocks of all shades, including a lot of frosty quartz.

So even though I primarily like to find glass, the stuff we found in lieu of it today made the excursion worth it.

~ By: Megan - Ontario, California

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