Sea glass with water, sand and air bubble inside?

by Florencia

Bubbles in Old Sea Glass

Bubbles in Old Sea Glass

~ sea glass question submitted by Florencia

How odd is it to find sea glass with water, sand and air bubble inside?

~ sea glass question submitted by Florencia

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Lin's comment:

"That is an interesting question.

Since I started collecting sea glass, I can only recall a few that have a bubble in them even though we now have a bunch of sea glass from around the world.

I don't have a single one that would have all three, bubble, water, and sand, though I have seen pictures of some.

Likely, this would be a piece of glass that was melted in a dump or a bonfire, forming pockets or bubbles. Then, in the seams or cracks, water and sand gets in.

I would say it would be a keeper because it's not all that common.

It could be something the collectors would be interested in, but the color would probably play a factor as well."

And David adds:

"If you look closely, you might be able to see a very tiny hole where the sand and water got in.  

To keep the water from evaporating, you might want to put a spot of oil or Vaseline in that hole."
Can any of you sea glass fans help with this question?

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Comments for Sea glass with water, sand and air bubble inside?

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Jan 01, 2013
Inclusions in sea glass
by: James

Today I found a large piece of seaglass with a metal coil in it. No idea what it is/ was. I can post pics if you let me know how to. I've tried below.


I'm not sure what happened to your photo, Jim, but we have a submission of another one found far away in England. See Inclusion in a Piece of Sea Glass
Inclusion in a Piece of Sea Glass

Sep 20, 2010
Nickie on the spot
by: April Glasser

Yes - Nick has hit the descriptions on the head.

I have a piece of black glass (dark dark green), where the seams of the neck where attached to the body of the bottle by a glass blower.

Here it shows the air bubbles and other imperfections of the 'human touch.'

This was found in CT, and I will give it an age of pre 1900-????

I would like to imagine it being pre 1800 with all the sea trade and ferries that passed by that area and of course garbage dumping.

But who knows, I also found an 1883 penny within 100 yards of the same find, a very historical area.

I also have a jar full of melted glass from bon fires and the like as owners of the homes where the beaches lie, like to have fires as they sit out during the summers and throw their empties into the flames.

As the earlier owners did in years gone by.

Cheers all!

May 01, 2009
Seaglass location, location, location!
by: Nick from Seaglass Dreams

Hi all, I have many pieces of seaglass from Bermuda that has air bubbles and sand trapped inside the glass but unfortunately the water you mentioned prob. got there in a small hole or opening in the seaglass or else it would have evaporated long ago!

The air bubbles were formed when they made the glass mainly by glass blowers and not by machines so this seaglass is rather old.

Most seaglass with sand attached are called "Bonfire Seaglass" or "Melts". This type of seaglass was glass that was burned and melted in garbage pits on the beach or inland and then dumped or washed into the Ocean. I hope this info enlightens you all!....Nick

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