This Way - Treasure Ahead - October 2016 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Renee
(Marinette, WI)

This Way...Treasure Ahead

This Way...Treasure Ahead

~ sea glass contest photo was submitted by Renee, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA

Where was this photo taken?

I took this photo at Fat Ladies Beach in Menominee Michigan.

The official name of the beach is Tourist Beach, though even locals born and raised in Menominee that I’ve spoken to were surprised to hear the beach had a name other than Fat Ladies.

No one seems to know how the beach got its name, but it is a lovely and quiet beach that seemed the perfect location for me to take some beach glass photos.

Weather and time of day?

This particular photo was taken on the afternoon of Thursday, September 29th, 2016.

The day was sunny and in the upper sixties, making the weather gorgeous for a late September day in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The breeze didn’t diminish the pleasantness of the day, and probably contributed to very active waves rushing the beach.

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?

I had a lot of fun taking this picture.

I found the arrow shaped piece of beach glass sometime this summer, and I thought that it would make a good piece to submit to the Odyssey Sea
Glass photo contest.

But I decided that rather than a picture of the beach glass arrow alone, I’d photograph it actually pointing to something, with that something obviously needing to be more beach glass.

So I gathered up some the most colorful pieces in my beach glass collection and headed to Fat Ladies beach.

I ended up with some neat shots, with this being just one of them.

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use?

I used my Canon PowerShot SX160 IS to take the photo.

I am not a photographer, so I am not qualified to give tips to others on how to get good quality photos.

I simply played with the elements on the beach in the same way that I do when creating one of my driftwood and beach glass projects, along with being glad that the digital age of photography allowed me to take multiple shots from which to choose.

~ sea glass contest photo was submitted by Renee, Marinette, Wisconsin, USA

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