July 16, 2011 West Beach, Deception Pass, Nesbitt's Bottle??

by Shelly
(Bellingham, WA)

Deception Pass, Nesbitt's Bottle? - Sea Glass

Deception Pass, Nesbitt's Bottle? - Sea Glass

~ by Shelley from Bellingham, Wasthington

I took my four girls sea glass hunting, their first time and my third.

I told them who ever got the biggest piece got an ice cream cone.

My 15 year old won with this one, and I was a bit jealous!

I think it is a Nesbitt's Soda Bottle.

Is this a good find as I don't know too much about sea glass?

Map of West Beach - Deception Pass State Park

Added Info:

West Beach at Deception Pass State Park stretches almost due south from the northwest tip of Whidbey Island, Washington.

Lin and I here at Odyssey Sea Glass have probably spent more hours searching for sea glass on West Beach then anywhere else in the world.

Those many hours included beautiful sun, freezing rain, calm and stormy days. For a beautiful location, it is hard to beat.

How is it for sea glass? I would rate it overall as fair, perhaps 3 to 4 pieces of jewelry grade in an hour.

However, like any beach, there were good days and bad days.


  • The beach faces west indirectly receiving swells that bring waves from the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

  • Although the waves rarely get above chest high, there are constant waves year round.
  • The beach is a great mixture of gravel and sand with rocky ground and cliffs at the north end tapering quickly as the beach stretches over a mile southward.

  • This area
    has only been lightly settled with no sizeable communities near the beach. Trash from the past is therefore not abundant.
  • Southward, the land behind the beach gets much flatter and sandier.

That being said, a lot of good finds have turned up there for us and friends who live near the beach, including marbles and several pieces of red sea glass. Of course, thousands of other pieces of perfectly tumbled sea glass as well as pottery shards have been revealed over the years.

All in all, a real delightful beach to enjoy - even if it is not a super sea glass beach.

Shelley, I know that you'll be hitting that beach again many times. We hope to see you during this coming year. Although we will not be very near (Olympic Peninsula), David's parents and many of our friends live in Anacortes, Burlington, Oak Harbor, and other nearby areas, so we do plan on hitting one of our favorite all-time beaches - West Beach!

~ David Schneider (Chief Sorter's Assistant at Odyssey Sea Glass)

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