Where to find Sea Glass in Maine

by Jeanne

Where to find Sea Glass in Maine?

Where to find Sea Glass in Maine?

~ sea glass question submitted by Jeanne in Maine

Where is a good but isolated beach in Maine that has good sea glass? I don't want to go to beaches that are real well known or too busy.

If you know a beach where I can take kids (they can hike a little) and where we might find some sea glass, please let me know. Thanks!

~ sea glass question submitted by Jeanne in Maine

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Comments for Where to find Sea Glass in Maine

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Aug 15, 2016
Hancock Point and Carters Beach
by: Elizabeth MacDonald

I've found lots of Seaglass at Carters Beach, Hancock Point.

It's a beautiful section of Maine with a rocky shore that bumps up against big evergreen trees.

Among the rocks and clay stones, Seaglass in brown, white, and green can be found.

I occasionally find blue and just last week found a piece of drive red.

It's easy to find and the beach is about a mile long.

Jun 29, 2016
Where in Eastport?
by: Kerrie W.

Jeanne ~ Can you tell me where in Lubec and Eastport you went?

It would be a 6 hour drive for me, so I'd love to know where to head once I arrived. Many thanks for the tip!

kerriewinsor at comcast dot net

May 31, 2016
Sand Beach Acadia
by: Debbie

Finally took my long anticipated glassing trip to Downeast Maine and hit up Sand Beach in Acadia. Not one single piece at low tide. None.
None in Lubec either.

Dec 12, 2015
Bayside area - Belfast to Camden
by: Robert Bradshaw, Palm Beach

Bayside area - Belfast to Camden area, Maine -

We combed a lot of beaches when we were in Maine and I was surprised at the lack of glass.

I found one piece and it wasn't even "cooked".

Not at all like S. Florida.

Maybe we weren't in the right areas but it was disappointing.

Dec 12, 2015
Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine
by: Mia in New York

1st day found a couple pieces

2nd day, low tide, didn't find one piece.

Rated the beach poor

Oct 08, 2015
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by: >>>

Loads of Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

I heard from a person that lived in Addison, Maine has lots of different colored, some cobalt blue on a few of their beaches.

Baileys Island
by: Anonymous

Neither Cook's lobster area nor Land's End had any sea glass.

Only shells and rocks, very disappointing !!!

Great beach in Maine for sea glass
by: Foxyone

On Bailey Island.

I spent the day 2 weeks ago and found about 5 lbs of beautiful beach glass it was the first picking after the snow left.

It is where all the fishing boats dock.

Also lands end on the same island had some but have to get there right after low tide hits because of lots of tourist on that beach.

by: Jeanne

I will see if I can visit one of these beaches soon. If I can, I'll post here.

Thank you again!

seaglass in Maine
by: MD

You can find nice seaglass on Peaks Island.

by: Jeanne J.

We found a load of seaglass in Lubec and Eastport last summer!

Both great little cities!!

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