April 2015 Galveston County Beach Glass

by NGD
(Galveston County, Texas)



~ sea glass photos submitted by NGD, Galveston County

Sea Glass Find?

Cobalt blue glass found in Galveston County, Texas

Cobalt blue glass found in Galveston County by my mom.

We have no idea what it once was but love the color.

~ sea glass photos submitted by NGD, Galveston County

More information on Galveston County:

If you look at a map of Texas, you'll see Galveston Bay in the southeast of Texas.

Galveston county has lots of beaches - on the northeast is mainly the bay with little or no wave action a lot of the time and unlikely for sea glass.

In the south, you'll see the Gulf of Mexico, much more likely for waves and therefore better sea glass. However...

The surrounding areas are basically flatlands and sandy. This is not conducive to finding sea glass. (Click here for a full explanation...
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There was a huge hurricane that destroyed a large portion of the inhabited areas and killed around 6,000 people.

So, even though you can't hope to find a lot of sea glass, there is always a chance of finding a real old gem.

The Galveston area has been a tourist destination for over 100 years and was rebuilt after the hurricane.

Visit and enjoy!



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